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Dearly beloved members of the Epiphany Family,

We step into a new month, with the holiness of great Lent… Lent is a spring time that we sit with ourselves. Like a hen sitting over her eggs and waiting for them to hatch; like a caterpillar, lies in meditation in the hermitage of the cocoon on its way to be a butterfly; the tree during abscission period, after shedding its leaves confronting the sun for the sprouts of spring; and the expectant mother who prepares her mind and body to receive her baby; lent is a preparatory time for a ‘new birth’. This is why the Church Fathers teach that “Lent is a journey to one’s own soul.”

The word 'lent' comes from the Old Saxon 'lentin' meaning 'spring'. Lent is conceived as the passing away of mysterious darkened night and the vigil for a beautiful dawn. Lenten days are like a waiting period for the 'lengthening of the day time'- Spring. The word for Lent in Malayalamnoyanpu- is a combination of two words-‘nov’ and ‘anpu’. The meaning of ‘nov’ is pain and ‘anpu’ means love. Thus this word emphasize a love for pain, and suffering. But at the same time, it does not mean love for all kinds of pain. It is not the justification of all sufferings in the world. Instead, it is one’s initiative and willingness to bear the pain and hardships for a noble end. The word for lent ‘soumo’ in Syriac comes from the verb ‘som’ which means to ‘keep away’; to ‘stand apart’. I exhort all my parish members to ‘stand apart’ from some of our normal course of life and ‘set apart’ some time in prayer during this season of lent. Let that be a special time that we spent with our Lord, our creator; a time that we spent with ourselves, a contemplation for being a new being.

I am glad that we had conducted our Annual General Body Meeting on February 16, 2020 and the dedication of the New Parish Committee on February 23, 2020. I sincerely appreciate all the office-bearers, committee members of the Church for the year 2019 for their leadership, dedication and sincere efforts for all the church activities. My sincere wishes and God’s blessings to all the newly appointed office-bearers and committee members for a meaningful, relevant and effective ministry. I thank all the parish members for your support, participation and care.

Prayers for a blessed time of Great Lent…

In Christ,

Rev. Sibu Pallichira

Our Parish History

The first approved congregation in North America started as the Mar Thoma-Church of South India prayer group. The congregation, the Mar Thoma Church of Greater New York, met for worship service at the All Saints Lutheran church in Jamaica in the borough of Queens in New York City. After conducting worship services briefly at a worship place in Manhattan, the congregation moved in 1974 to a Presbyterian Church near 174th Street in Fort Washington, at the north end of the Manhattan borough of NYC, and it was its abode until the congregation was divided into four parishes.

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