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The Mar Thoma Suvisesha Sevika Sanghom was inaugurated during the Maramon Convention in the year 1919, under the leadership of Abraham Mar Thoma Suffragan Metropolitan. Every women of the Mar Thoma Church above the age of 18 years is a member of the Sevika Sanghom.

The Epiphany Mar Thoma Sevika Sanghom is an active organization playing a vital role in the ministerial and spiritual growth of the church. The members meet regularly in cottage prayer meetings for bible studies, prayer and fellowship. Bible quizzes are conducted and winners recognized.

The Sevika Sanghom is committed to a great sense of community service and provides financial support for marriage, education, housing and medical needs for the sick and needy. A food drive is conducted during the Holiday Season to meet the increased needs of the food bank at this time.


Office Bearers - 2024


Mrs. Aleyamma Philipose


Mrs. Mariamma John

Joint Secretary:

Mrs. Achamma Mathew


Mrs. Alice Joseph

Events - 2024

Events During the Year 2024






Epiphany Church

Our Parish History

The first approved congregation in North America started as the Mar Thoma-Church of South India prayer group. The congregation, the Mar Thoma Church of Greater New York, met for worship service at the All Saints Lutheran church in Jamaica in the borough of Queens in New York City. After conducting worship services briefly at a worship place in Manhattan, the congregation moved in 1974 to a Presbyterian Church near 174th Street in Fort Washington, at the north end of the Manhattan borough of NYC, and it was its abode until the congregation was divided into four parishes.

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