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Dearly beloved members of the Epiphany family,

Greetings in the Name of the Lord!

The month of October passes by with good imprints and impacts on us. The Season of summer gives way to the Fall/the Winter. We too, as a worshipping community, enter into a new season of Liturgical life.

The month of November is attributed to various facts and features to our liturgical life. It is in this month that we start a new liturgical year/calendar. The New Liturgical calendar year begins with ‘Kudosh Itho’, meaning the consecration of the Church, celebrated on the last Sunday of October or the first Sunday of November. There are three important liturgical time cycles for the church: the Daily Cycle, the Weekly Cycle and the Yearly cycle. These three cycles are centered around the theme, Economy of Salvation. In the Yearly cycle, the Salvific events witnessed in Jesus, The Birth, Life, Ministry, Death, Resurrection, Ascension into Heaven and the seating on the Right side of the Father, are commemorated and celebrated by the church, the Body of Christ, with passion. Liturgical year/calendar is Church’s special arrangement of time to meditate, commemorate and celebrate the salvation experienced through Jesus Christ. It is in this commemoration and celebration that we experience and rejoice in joy of salvation. As part of His Body, may God help us all to attain this goal.

The first Sunday of November is also set apart as World Sunday School Day. I thank God for the exuberant achievement that our Sunday School had, for this Year’s Regional Talent Festival. God has rewarded the efforts that our Sunday School Teachers, Volunteers, Parents and the Children rendered for making it as a festival of Talents. I sincerely appreciate and congratulate Mrs. Mary Roy, the Superintendent of our Sunday School and the whole team for this meritorious achievement.

This year, we observe Nov. 28 as Thanksgiving Day. It originated as a Harvest Festival. Though it traces its origin in 17th Century, Abraham Lincoln, the former president of USA, proclaimed a national day of “Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heavens” to be celebrated in the last Thursday in November. Later, from 1942 onwards, the congress proclaimed the date as being on the fourth Thursday in November. As worshippers of God, it calls for to have an ‘attitude of gratitude’, which is in fact a true worship is about. May God help us to celebrate Thanksgiving Day meaningfully.

I also express my deep sense of gratitude to our Father in Heaven for all His gifts and blessings we have received as a worshipping community.

In Christ,

Rev. Sibu Pallichira

Our Parish History

The first approved congregation in North America started as the Mar Thoma-Church of South India prayer group. The congregation, the Mar Thoma Church of Greater New York, met for worship service at the All Saints Lutheran church in Jamaica in the borough of Queens in New York City. After conducting worship services briefly at a worship place in Manhattan, the congregation moved in 1974 to a Presbyterian Church near 174th Street in Fort Washington, at the north end of the Manhattan borough of NYC, and it was its abode until the congregation was divided into four parishes.

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